Sunday, 9 June 2013

"The Art of Love" blog tour!

Judgement day is upon us!

By that I mean release day is upon us. June 18th to be exact. So to celebrate the fact that I actually managed to write a book and survive the self-publishing process with the vestiges of my sanity intact, the blog tour for "The Art of Love" is happening!

My fabulous friend Megan from Book Brats, who has basically held my hand throughout this process and organised almost everything for me, has put together the blog tour and I cannot thank her enough. I've promised her some cakes as payment.

June 10th.        On the Nightstand - Review.

June 11th.  Into The Night - Excerpt, review and give-away.
                 If The Book Fits - Give-away and review.

June 12th.  Bookish Babe - Review and give-away.
                     What Dani Did Next

June 13th.  Bookmarks, Spoilers and Happily Ever After - "The Art of Love" playlist.

June 14th.  Tiger Lily Reviews - Guest post.
                 Nikki Brandyberry
                  My Fiction Nook - Excerpt
                LiteraryEtc - Review.

June 15th.  Stephanie Parents - Review.
                Ginger Read Reviews - Author Top 10.

June 16th.  The Aeropapers - Review/give-away.
                 Literary Meanderings - Interview.
                  Devoured Words - Review.

June 17th.  My Pathway to Books

June 18th - Release Day!

                Book Brats
                   Literati Lit. Lovers - Interview.
                 Book Blogger Paradise - Review/excerpt.
                  SMI Book Club - Review.
                 Tiffany Talks Books - Excerpt.

June 19th.  The Life of Fiction - Review.
                 The Book Barbies

June 20th.  KT Grant
                  Waves of Fiction - Review.

June 21st.  Tar Heel Bibliobabe - Review/interview.

I'll update this post with links to each stop on the blog tour as they happen. I'd like to extend my sincerest and most grateful thanks to every single blogger taking part in this. You've all been so generous and accommodating and I can't thank you enough. Bloggers really are the footsoldiers of the madcap adventure that is indie publishing.

Are you excited? I'm excited!

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